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NCSS College and University Faculty Assembly 2017

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Citizens-now, not citizens in training

This session examines civic education in early childhood / elementary contexts primarily serving traditionally marginalized communities. These papers expand, complicate, and move toward reconceptualizing notions of civic education in early childhood and elementary social studies. Our goal is to engage young children as citizens-now, rather than citizens-in-training.


Katherina Payne
University of Texas at Austin
United States

Beth Sondel
University of Pittsburgh
United States

Stephanie Serriere
Indiana University-Purdue University
United States

Dana Mitra
Pennsylvania State University
United States

Michael Burroughs
California State University-Bakersfield
United States

Noreen Naseem Rodríguez
Iowa State University
United States

Sohyun An
Kennesaw State University
United States

Alyssa Hadley-Dunn
Michigan State University
United States

Hannah Carson-Baggett
Auburn University
United States


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