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NCSS College and University Faculty Assembly 2017

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Practitioner Research: Democratizing Social Studies Research in Troubling Times

This session examines practitioner research as a method for democratizing social studies research and responding to contemporary issues facing our field. Using an interactive format, presenters will describe various methodologies, discuss strengths and challenges, and collectively develop an action plan for fostering more insider perspectives in social studies research.


Meghan Manfra
NC State University
United States

Christopher Martell
Boston University
United States

Alicia Crowe
Kent State
United States

Todd Dinkelman
University of Georgia
United States

Alex Cuenca
Indiana University
United States

Todd Hawley
Kent State University
United States

Andrew Hostetler
Vanderbilt University
United States

Michael Levicky
Kent State
United States

Jason Ritter
Duquesne University
United States

Sandra Schmidt
Teachers College, Columbia University
United States


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