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NCSS College and University Faculty Assembly 2017

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The Evolution of the Journey Box Assignment in Elementary Social Studies Education

This symposium explores the longstanding yet evolving history of the journey box in social studies education. Session facilitators will provide a chronology of the assignment and vignettes of work being done since its inception. Audience participation is strongly encouraged, including experiences from field colleagues involved in journey box work.


Lisa Buchanan
The University of North Carolina Wilmington
United States

Christina Tschida
East Carolina University
United States

Jeannette Alarcón
The University of North Carolina Greensboro
United States

Elizabeth Bellows
Appalachian State University
United States

Sherry Field
The University of Texas Austin
United States

Katie Knapp
Kent State University
United States

Cinthia Salinas
University of Texas-Austin

Noreen Naseem Rodriguez
Iowa State Unviersity


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